Procedures & Policies for Maintenance & Utilization of Academic and Support facilities

Academic and Support facilities:

Great care is taken in creating and hosting academic and support facilities for the revered students. The physical facilities including Laboratories, Library, Classrooms and Computers, Sports Complex etc. of high quality are made available for the students those who are admitted in the college. These facilities are upgraded and augmented from time to time.

 LABORATORIES: The infrastructure includes 3 computer laboratories in the college. These labs catering to the needs of various department are provided with advanced computers which are sufficiently equipped with the latest tools and licensed software packages, connected through LAN and Internet with wi-fi facility. Every year new computers are purchased and some old ones are being written off. At present there are 120 computers in the college after some having been written off. The computer facility has been supported by On-Line Un-interrupted Power Supply (UPS). In addition, our students have the privilege of availing computer facilities in several specialized sections to have a complete training session. The  Lab has a dedicated Lab Instructor. Within this year various software for computer labs have been purchased. It includes licensed copies of OS Microsoft Windows.

 COMPUTERS The College has adequate number of the latest configuration computers with internet connections, wi-fi facility, connected through LAN and the utility software’s distributed in different locales like office, laboratories, library,etc. Software licenses, for example: Tally has been updated on time. Outlived computers are replaced timely and external parties are hired for maintenance and upkeep. The disposal of hardware junk is being handled through external authorised parties.

 LIBRARY The College has a spacious library having a very large collection of Text Books, Reference Books, journals, magazines, etc. under various classifications. The library system has a college owned software on which the library operates. The library is also provided with LAN facility for the computers and they are loaded with the library software having OPAC facility. The college also has facilities like E- Granthalaya.  A provision of the budget for the library maintenance is made by the college management. The activities like keeping library well sorted and clean are done promptly by library staff. The library aims at providing access to its printed resources such as books and journals for the use of faculty and students. The library stock is increasing every year. The library is supervised by the librarian. Faculty of the college may recommend the purchase of desired or relevant book to the librarian. Books from vendors on approval will be available in the library from time to time.

CLASS ROOMS, CONFERENCE ROOM & AUDITORIUM The college highlights on quality class room teaching including all the basic facilities like fans, lightings etc. Space is sufficiently adequate for each student. They are provided with good condition furniture according to the capacity of the rooms. The corridor and staircase walls are mostly tiled and provide a clean and pleasant ambience. The college infrastructure embraces of an impressive auditorium with a capacity of 158, all modern gadgets and it caters to conferences and seminars, at both national and international levels. The auditorium light and sound facility is up to the mark such that the college has hosted an International Research Convention in the same auditorium in this year. The other facilities include separate girls’ common room and boys common room.  Canteen facilities with proper hygiene and nutrition foods and snacks are made available in the premises. Proper sitting arrangement and ambience is also provided in the canteen. The Civil, Electrical and the Plumbing related maintenance is done promptly with the help of concerned Support Staff. Every class has its own Class Representative/Mentor as well who co-ordinates about various issues existing in class or with the students.

 SPORT COMPLEX The sports department of the college is consisting of Mini Gym which can be used by students and staff.  The facility is adequate for sports like, indoor games which includes chess, carrom , table tennis etc.  A gymnasium facility and equipment are provided in the sports department. Similarly, there is a separate equipped Yoga Centre with a dedicated Yoga instructor These Sports facilities and the other platforms supporting overall development to the students like NSS, NCC is open to the college students. College has its sports in-charge encouraging students for sports. A provision of the budget for the sports equipment and maintenance is made by the college management.

GARDEN OR HORTICULTURE : The college garden is well maintained by the gardeners appointed by the college. The whole premises is full of lush green lawns, trees, plants and flowers aesthetically planted in various types of attractive flower pots on the ground, and in the corridors. This not only provides a healthy and pollution free air but also gives relaxation  to the eyes. In summer days it even gives a feeling of cooling in the premises. Some plants are of medicinal/ Herbal value. It enhances the beauty of the college premises. The college gardens are also adapted for an installed Water Harvesting System and Composting.  Apart from this the college has planted medicinal plants during this year such as Bhrami, Neem etc. In all there are varieties of  plants which are added every year.