Criterion I- Curricular Aspects

Criterion II- Teaching-Learning and Evaluation

Criterion III- Research, Innovations and Extension

Metric No. Document Title
3.3.1 Sensitizing Activities
3.2.2 Research Activity
3.3.3 Extension Activities
3.3.4 Extension Activities
3.4.2 MOU
3.4.4 NSS Week

Criterion IV- Infrastructure and Learning Resources

Metric No. Document Title
4.1.1 College Picture
4.1.2 Research Activity
4.1.4 & 4.4.1 Audited Statement
4.2.1 Library Database Audited Accounts

Criterion V- Student Support and Progression

Criterion VI- Governance, Leadership and Management

Metric No. Document Title
6.1.1 FDP For Staff
6.1.1 NSS Minutes of Meeting
6.2.1 IQAC Meetings Notice
6.2.2 Organogram
6.4.1 Annual Accounts
6.4.3 Balance Sheet
6.5.1 Committees
6.5.1 Webinar FDP

Criterion VII- Institutional Values and Best Practices