Best Practice : 1 Title:“ Student and Staff Appreciation Award” Goal: To motivate and appreciate the efforts of staff for academic excellence.

Context: The proposal was put forward by the IQAC before the management and Principal to appreciate the teaching and non teaching faculty for achieving excellence in their field apart from their regular duties.

The Practice: Any faculty who clears any competitive exams like NET/SLET or completion of Doctoral Program is felicitated by the management on Annual Day. Any student who wins award or prize at any intercollegiate event is also felicitated by Management and Principal on annual day. Evidence: Two teachers were awarded in the academic year 201819 which has provided motivation to other teachers as well.

Best Practice : 2 Title:Campaign on “No use of Plastic to Save Environment” Goal: To create Environmental Awareness and reduce the use of Plastics”

Context: The proposal was put forward by the Economics Department to IQAC which was further placed before Principal and management to organise an exhibition by the students on environmental issues due to plastic use, and to create consciousness among others to save the environment.

The Practice: Students of each class had made models to exhibit their ideas on Environment Safety and Disastrous effects of Plastic Use. Students, parentsand the other staff members visited the exhibition and joined hands in this campaign thereby reducing use of plastics in their day to day life as it is not disposable. Use of disposable paper bags is now used instead of plastic bags. Evidence: The exhibition was open to all students, parents and outsiders to visit.

Best Practice : 3 Title:“ Encouraging Sports Activities” Goal: To motivate and enhance participation of students in sports.

Context: The proposal was put forward by the Sports Department to IQAC which was further placed before Principal and management to provide a platform for students to sharpen their skills in sports and to build team spirit among students.

The Practice: Sports Department organised a new event named “Saket Premiere League” to provide encouragement to students in sports. Students of each class had a team of members and the Class mentor was the leader of the team which had cricket match against other class teams. After qualifying rounds, teams played in the semi-finals and finals. The team included both girls and boys and the winner team was awarded with cash prize and certificate. The activity also included faculties match so as to provide them relaxation from the routine schedule. Evidence: The team from Second Year (Banking and Insurance) won the final round of the match.

 Best Practice: 4 Title: “Earn and Learn” Goal: (a)To train students on developing their entrepreneurial skills. (b) To support financially weak students

Context: (a)It aimed at developing entrepreneurial skills among students and at the same time support to those who wish to earn by developing such ideas in the college premises by organising sales event or exhibition. (b)The proposal of earn and learn was implemented in the college with the intension to support students who are financially weak by providing part time job opportunities to them.

 The Practice: (a) In this practice students, organize sales and exhibition in the college premises by developing ideas on new and innovative products. These products are offered for sale to all teaching and nonteaching staff and students. The money earned by this practice is utilized by the students for their personal development and sometimes to pay for their educational expenses. Evidence: Students have developed entrepreneurial skills and are now offering their services to people outside the college premises, thus expanding their business ideas. The Practice: (b) In this scheme, two students who are studying in TYBBI but were facing financial problem in continuing their education were appointed as teachers in Primary section of “Saket Vidhya Mandir English High School”. These students are now continuing their studies satisfactorily. Evidence: Students were on the verge of discontinuing their education but are now earning and learning together.

Best Practice: 5 Title: “Get Exam Readyand Innovative Teaching Methods”. Goal: To train students for exam by providing them practice set booklets, conducting prelims, special guidance lectures and using innovating techniques for teaching and learning..

Context: The proposal was put forward to by all Heads of Department to the Exam Committee to provide a practice booklet for all students in their respective subjects towards the end of the semester which would include question papers in the university format for students revision and improving results prepared by respective subject teachers. The committee made provisions for conducting preliminary exams for students and special guidance lectures. The innovative techniques included the use of rangoli by students to exhibit their understanding of the subject of Economics. The students made use of rangolis to explain the law of demand , consumption theory, etc , thereby making learning more experiential.

The Practice: In this practice, the students are provided with an opportunity to solve question papers before the commencement of university exams. They can prepare themselves by solving these questions which will enable them to judge their preparation for exam. Students benefitted by use of innovative techniques as it made learning more interesting for them. Students were able to prepare themselves rigorously due to prelims and practice tests provided. Evidence: Students found this practice useful as they could prepare themselves in a better way with proper time management.