1. All students who have taken admission in the college must wear their valid college Identity Card whenever in college or representing the college at any other place. Identity card is subject to inspection any day by the Principal or Teaching and Non Teaching Staff. Students must carry with them their Identity Card while in the campus and should produce it as and when demanded for checking. Identity card should be carefully preserved and the holder of the identity card will be held responsible for its misuse. In case of loss of Identity card, a duplicate must be obtained by paying the prescribed charges and fulfilling the necessary formalities. 
  2. Students should read the notices on the Notice Boards regularly. 
  3. Students should submit applications for scholarships/freeships etc. as also the Enrollment form (for first year degree students) on time as per the Notices issued. 
  4. During the conduct of lectures, students should not loiter in and around the college premises. 
  5. In case of any problem, personal or academic, students should report to the Prof-in-charge of their respective classes, Junior College Supervisor or the Vice-Principals, who will help them, solve their problems. 
  6. Students are directed not to bring any outsider to the college premises. 
  7. Students should not collect any fund from students or from outsiders without the written permission of the Principal. 
  8. Students shall not organize on their own picnics, excursion, trips etc. without prior written permission of the Principal. 
  9. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in college premises. Any violation will be treated as Misconduct and the student will be fined Rs. 250/- 
  10. Ragging Prohibited: Government of Maharashtra has notified Ragging as a cognizable offence. Any one reported to be involved in any form of ragging, will be severely dealt with. Therefore, students are required to restrain from indulging in any form of ragging. 
  11. Students must maintain silence in the classes, Library, Reading Room, Office, Laboratories and the corridors. When they are free they should make use of the college library and must not loiter about on the college premises or assemble in the corridor. Loud conversation and shouting should be avoided. 
  12. Absence in any lecture in a day will lead to losing the attendance for the whole day. Minimum 75% attendance and satisfactory progress in studies are the essential requirements for students to eligible to appear for University examinations. 
  13. Students should clear all dues before the end of each term. 
  14. Students should attend their lectures in the division allotted to them and not in any other class or division. 
  15. Students should deposit any lost property found by them with the college office. Owners of lost property should claim the same from the office counter the very next day. 
  16. Students should take care of college property and help in keeping the college campus neat and clean. Any damage to the college property shall be paid by the student. 
  17. Smoking, chewing Gutka, Tobacco, chewing gums is strictly prohibited in the college campus, including the canteen. Any student found violating these regulations shall be dealt with severely. 
  18. Use of two/four wheelers by student is prohibited in the campus. The management and college authorities are not responsible for any loss or damage of the vehicles. 
  19. Student found indulging in unfair means in examination will be dealt with strictness as per the university rules and regulations. 
  20. Photography in the campus is prohibited; useless prior permission of the principal must be obtained. 
  21. Minimum water utilization by the students is expected in the campus. 
  22. For minimum energy consumption all electricity points must be switched off when not in use. 
  23. The students should follow a proper dress code. Short, off shoulders, sleeveless,  deep cut dresses should be strictly avoided by girl students. Three fourth length or shorts should be avoided by boy students. 
  24. Use of Mobile phones, ipods, earphones, Mp3 player, headphones etc. in the college premises is strictly prohibited. If the student is found using any of the above mentioned electronic equipment in the college premises, the same (in case of mobile phone, with SIM card, Memory card) will be confiscated and the student will be punished for non adherence of code of conduct. 
  25. Every day the gate will be closed by 8.00 A.M  and will be again open at 9.40A.M.