Institutional Distinctiveness 

Vision: To develop young citizens into competent, intellectual & committed human beings with a moral and social responsibility, capable of surviving in a competitive world. 


To equip students with appropriate knowledge and suitable skills in their chosen discipline. 

  • To provide education opportunities to all aspirants and especially to students from weaker section of the society through need based financial support system. 
  • To provide value-based education to mould them into dutiful and responsible citizens. 
  • To recognize and promote student’s potential and offer a platform for their overall development. 
  • To provide integrated learning experiences to equip students with qualities that will enable to realize their ambition. 
  • To focus on providing vocational education. 

Some of the initiatives taken by the institution distinctive to its vision are as follows: 

  • New courses have been added from time to time 
  • Number of seats have been increased in the courses as and when needed 
  • Extra classes have been arranged for the slow learners as well as the meritorious students 
  • The number of admissions in the college is continuously rising 
  • More and more teachers have attained higher qualifications and research degrees 
  • Better infrastructure including computers and ICT facilities have been provided 
  • Remedial coaching is provided to slow learners.