The college has created a code of conduct for teachers too, which is conveyed to them by their respective Heads of the Department. The teachers are expected to follow the code for themselves thereby creating a positive environment for students as well. There are also certain regulations and control mechanisms for enforcing the code of conduct.

  • A teacher shall not discriminate against a student on political grounds or for reasons of race, caste, religion, language or sex or for other reason of an arbitrary or personal nature and shall not incite students/teachers against other teachers, colleagues or administration /Governing body of the College and the University.
  • A teacher shall have a freedom of thought and expression. He/She shall not misuse the facilities or forum of the College/ University.
  • A teacher shall not refuse to carry out the academic and administrative decision taken by the Principal/Governing body.
  • A teacher shall not make use of resources and/or facilities of the Department/College/University/Governing body for personal, commercial, political or religious purpose.
  • A teacher shall not be partial in assessment of a student or deliberately overmark, undermark or victimize a student on any grounds.
  • A teacher shall not conduct /participate in private coaching classes directly or indirectly. He/She shall not accept private tuitions.
  • A teacher shall not indulge in, directly or indirectly, any malpractice or unfair means in teaching or examination/ administration.
  • A teacher shall not furnish incorrect information regarding his qualifications, age, etc. in respect of his appointment/promotion.
  • Teacher`s behaviour and professional conduct must set a good example to all students .
  • Teachers should avoid using inappropriate or offensive language
  • Do not  use  Social  Media  such  as  Facebook  and  Twitter  for  inappropriate  contact  with children, and liking their pages etc. is not permitted. Please keep your own Social Media identity   as   locked   down   as   possible,   so   that   children   at   the college  cannot   find   out inappropriate information about you and your family.
  • Teacher may not use your own vehicle to transport students without the college being informed and the correct insurance being in place. Teacher may not engage in an inappropriate relationship with a student as this would be a clear breach of   trust.   Professional   boundaries   must   be   respected   and   sexual   or inappropriate emotional conduct is never acceptable.
  • During examination duty, teachers should take rounds in the classroom. Mobile phones are not allowed during examination duties.
  • A teacher should seek to make continuous professional growth through study and research
  • A teacher should maintain active membership in professional organization and strive to improve education and profession through them.
  • A teacher should discourage or not indulge in plagiarism or other unethical behaviour in teaching and research.
  • A teacher should participate in extension, co-curricular and extracurricular activities including the community services.